Paul Cohen

I like solving problems and delivering results that make positive impacts.

“Paul was fantastic! He was professional, timely, easy to work with, very communicative, and extremely sharp. I would hire him again in a heart beat.”
Liz Crimson Education

“Went above and beyond. Incredibly smart, incredibly responsive, incredible resource – bringing other information to bear. Wonderful experience.”
Steve, CEO Shindig

This is My Story

As a T-Shaped professional with international cross-industry development and project management experience I’ve worked on a variety of projects from Enterprise IT to eLearning simulations to educational apps and games in teams of all sizes.

At heart I’m a creative technologist who understands the business, product, project, design, and development aspects involved in taking something from concept to realization.

I do strategy development, business planning, market research, product management, project management, development, and teaching. While I have deep expertise in a number of areas I would never claim to be an expert. You always have to learn new things, integrate them into the old, and apply them to new contexts.

I perform music in online virtual worlds using a dynamically controlled AI (Artificial Intelligence) Rhythm Section. Read more at

I’m a former world champion in 8-way team sport parachuting who competed in 3 world championships for Australia.




Testimonials and Profiles

Commercial Experience Examples (startup, corporate)

  • Jack Welch Management Institute (USA) Competitive Market Analysis
  • Crimson Education (US/NZ): Startup Business Operations manual for country Managing Directors
  • (NY) : Pitch Deck development for Series A follow on funding.
  • FirstLearning (Tokyo): Computational thinking program for early learners
  • Big 4 Consultancy (USA): Pilot project to accelerate global business response.
  • (NY): Cognitive Behavioral Therapy startup. Core technology development.
  • Sanofi (Tokyo): Medical Rep sales training simulation development. Branching simulation incorporating green screen video.
  • CSC (Tokyo): Senior consultant. Development of Life/J, the most implemented Policy administration system in Japan. Zurich – On site client customization.
  • Senior Consultant (Systems Development)
    • Occidental Seguros (Lisbon,Portugal)
    • Royal Life/Sun Alliance (Guernsey)
    • Norske Liv (Oslo,Norway)
    • Barclays Finance (London, UK)
    • Suncorp (Brisbane, Aust)
  • Virtual Street Musician: SecondLife, The Internet
  • Street Musician: Las Ramblas++


  • Innovation Strategy, Product & Project Management
    Degree: Masters of Technology Management
  • Software Design/Development
    Degree: Bsc CS/Maths
  • Digital Strategy
    Technology analysis and implementation
  • Music and Sound
    Degree: Masters of Music degree
  • Strategic Thinking for Growing Your Enterprise, May  – JuneNovoEd  / Stanford License 1889df350bdfcb
  • Cognitive technologies for business, NovoEd  / Deloitte License 1722df350bdfcb
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